About Us

Over 25 Years ago Todd Lasley noticed the lack 
of consumer services for computer repair in and 
around Paducah Kentucky.
   Sharon, Sawyer and Todd
There were lots of places you could go to have 
your computer serviced if you owned a business. 
But if you didn’t own a business there was 
almost nowhere to have your computer repaired.
Todd and his incredible son Sawyer
Starting with literally a plywood sign in the 
front yard with “Computer Repair” along with our 
home phone number spray-painted on it, ‘A Local Geek’ was born! 

Now we still service computers for everyone, not just 

We also repair almost all electronics!

We sell them too!

We have always and always will treat our 
customers as family. 
 Todd and his beautiful wife Sharon 
We put the “Service” in “Customer Service”.

Making you happy is our goal.
pumpkin'Geekster': Built from old Dell PCs by Sawyer and Todd

That will never change.